Nilufer Y Ozmekik

She is an accomplished screenwriter with over two decades of experience, specializing in both corporate and entertainment writing. Her exceptional skills have been honed through crafting compelling narratives and engaging dialogue for film, television, and online platforms.  Ms. Ozmekik is a versatile writer, excelling in screenplays, documentaries, articles, and book reviews. After earning her degree from Istanbul University/Faculty of International Relations and completing her MA at UCLA in Media Studies and Cinema-Television, she embarked on her writing career as a screenwriter for highly acclaimed Turkish TV series.

Having penned over 200 episodes for three popular sitcoms and two TV dramas, Nilufer expanded her repertoire to include late-night shows as a sketch writer and reality shows as an editorial coordinator.

As a seasoned professional, Nilufer has served as a judge for the New York “Winter Film Awards” since 2017. Her thriller project, “Neverending Nightmare,” earned finalist status in the Hollywood Screenplay Contest.

Beyond her contributions to the film industry, she is also recognized as one of the most popular reviewers on Goodreads, showcasing her avid passion for literature.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Nilufer continues to contribute to the world of storytelling, bringing her wealth of experience and creativity to every project she undertakes.