Dogan Ozmekik

Dogan Ozmekik, born on December 23, 1979, in Devrek-Zonguldak, is a versatile professional in the entertainment and media industry. A graduate of Eskisehir Anadolu University’s Faculty of Communication&Media Studies, Cinema-Television, he furthered his education at NYFA in Producing for Film & Television.

With a career spanning since 1997, Dogan initially worked at Esra Film until 2004, after which he founded his own company, “Time Production.” This company offers media support to multinational firms like Ulker, Ayyildiz, TAV, Arcelik, and Turkcell, providing commercial, editorial movies, and press conferences. Time Production continues to deliver post-production services to TV channels and popular shows.

Dogan’s business experience extends to various roles in the film and TV industry. Notable projects include the development of a long feature comedy movie, “4 Idiots in Hollywood,” and a long feature thriller movie, “Firebird.” He has also directed and produced TV reality shows and short feature movies, showcasing his versatile skills.

As the founder of ATNC – American Turkish Network Channel, a Los Angeles-based Turkish web channel, Dogan has demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. He has been involved in the production and editing of documentaries, TV shows, and commercial films, solidifying his position as a multifaceted professional.

In a noteworthy achievement, Dogan is the director of the romantic comedy-drama “Fairytale of New York,” released in both the U.S. and selected European theaters in 2017. This accomplishment further adds to his diverse portfolio, showcasing his capabilities as a director in different genres.

His journey encompasses work on short feature movies, TV reality shows, and sports programs, showcasing his proficiency as a director, editor, and producer. From his early roles as an intern editor on long feature movies to his current ventures, Dogan Ozmekik’s career reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and contributions to the entertainment landscape.